Plateaus, Progress & Positivity

By Zerline Hughes

Teaching Zumba for six years has been great. Bringing a fun fitness activity to others has been a joy of mine. Making new friends has been an added benefit. And, over the years, weight loss and toning was achieved. But notice I say was.

plateauAfter about year three, I hit that infamous plateau. I was doing similar moves on the same schedule for several years and after a while, I started seeing less and less results. But for a while, I was OK with that. I was still doing my almost daily exercise, my heart rate was going up, and I was sweating out all those nasty toxins, so I knew I was fine and healthy.

Since taking a year off from teaching two to four classes a week in order to be a more involved mom to these two, and pay attention to my other professional responsibilities, I started noticing an immediate difference in my stamina. And my arms! The definition was disappearing. My weight, too, increased, of course. I continued to teach as a Zumba sub and for special events, but that was an average of maybe two classes a quarter. Ack! I added in a few spin classes, DIY gym workouts (laughable), but a regular cardio workout was no where to be found on my calendar.

obamaarmsBut now, I’m ready to take a few more pounds off, and try for some Michelle Obama arms and Serena Williams thighs – or something semi close.

z1Starting this month, I teach adult Zumba classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Ridge Road Recreation Center in Southeast Washington, D.C, and on Saturdays 10 a.m. at E.W. Stokes Freedom Community Charter School in Brookland, Northeast Washington, D.C. I’m positive I will see some changes after such a long Zumba hiatus.

Have you been on a fitness hiatus and looking for a change? Or are you ready to increase your cardio workout? Join me at one or both of my 2017 Zumba classes or find one convenient for you at What are you committed to doing to keep your heart rate up? Maybe I’ll try what you’re doing!

Also: If you’re struggling through a plateau now – or later (yes, it’s gonna’ happen) – take a look at some of these motivating tips from Avril Carpenter.

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