Be Self Absorbed this Year!

By Zerline Hughes

selfcareLet me be the first to ask, “how was your first week of 2017?” How’s day eight of resolution keeping, Whole 30-ing, not cussing, not drinking and new-leafing? Or maybe this was the year you decided no more resolutions in order to keep your sanity.

Either way, Happy 2017! For me, this is year no. 40 and I’m excited! It’s time for me to look the big 4-0 in the face and say “YES!” And what better day to do so than today – my half birthday. Yes, I said it: half birthday. Six months from today, I’ll be celebrating like it’s 1977!

Happy-Half-Bday.jpgWe’re big on half birthdays in our household. We celebrate by saying “Happy Half Birthday” to each other and by drumming up excitement for the upcoming big day. Sometimes there’s even a personal-sized treat to commemorate the half-way point to a new year. It’s all about celebrating self!

Since I am facing a milestone birthday this year, I want to make sure I am ready to celebrate and in a good space – physically and mentally. If you recall, I already started on a healthy living lifestyle prior to the new year (yes, again), but in preparation for 40, I’m committing to good mental and physical fitness.

I’ve committing to reading “How to Heal Yourself” and learn tips that put me first. I’ve signed up for COMMIT, a four-week long conditioning course led by SWEATDC’s Coach G, and I’ve decided to get back into a heavy Zumba Fitness teaching schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (join me in Southeast or Northeast D.C.).

I’m also back on my food prep kick – making mostly -healthy meals for the family on Sundays, in addition to packing healthy snacks and lunches while I’m out and about.

togethernessWe’re all in this together. This year, more than ever, we will all need some form of self care to combat the stress, anger and intensified workloads once our new President takes the helm. We need to be self centered – in a good way.

And for those of you in my cohort born 40 years ago this year: it’s time to make 40 look good!

Ready? What are you doing to make this week, this month, this year all about you?


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