#BUTTGoals: Fitness Inspired by None Other Than J-Lo’s Instagram

By Zerline Hughes

I cussed out J-Lo this morning. I can’t stand her. It’s really a love-hate relationship. In reality, I love her. Really, I do. Lemme explain.

I was scanning Instagram while still under the covers. I stopped at this video of some cute girl with her back to the camera shaking her butt in these perfectly fitting white pocketed slacks and a scant but classy black halter top. Then the cute girl turns around, realizes she’s being videoed and, with an embarrassing smile, says “stop!” This cute “girl” turns out to be 47-year-old hottie Jennifer Lopez. She was looking all kinds of awesome.

And then there’s me: 39-year-old Zerline. Don’t get it twisted: I can shake my butt like J-Lo on anybody’s dance floor, but I can’t wear those amazing pants and halter that she had on. That is, not yet.

buttgoalsThis video immediately sent me to the gym. Like for real – immediately. My inner J-Lo is about to be an outter J-Lo. (And J-Lo, I take back everything I said this morning and thank you for the motivation!)

What sent you to the gym this week? Who or what motivated you?

Maybe I can help. Let’s shake our butts together in Zumba. I have two J-Lo songs on deck! Check out my Zumba schedule for January!


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