Stocking Your Pantry Without Breaking the Bank and Starving Yourself

By Zerline Hughes

When some of us vow to get healthy and fit, the first thing we do is buy flax seed, gluten-free cookies, veggie chips – you know, all the things you know you really don’t want to eat, but say you’ll give a try in the name of weight loss.

Yeah, been there done that. Best thing is to keep it real. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to be healthy. (Those things can, in fact, be good, though – you just have to find the right brand and recipe.)


It’s all about healthy choices and moderation. So, today when I went to my favorite grocery store (and that’s saying A LOT because I HATE the grocery store), I got the basics for clean eating including: grapefruits (.39 ea);  cereal bars (1.79 for a box of six); a pineapple (.99) and my favorite mini cucumbers ($2.49 for 16 oz – about six). My entire list of 28  items cost $38.87 and I’m now ready to pack healthy breakfasts and snacks and make dinners with some fresh veggies. Nothing extraordinary or expensive and no crazy Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck prices. Thanks, Aldi. By the way, did you know they have an app?

So let’s get this thing going! What’s in your refrigerator and pantry? Are you ready to plan a few meals for next week? Need to go to the grocery, first? What’s on your list?

Oh, and I’ll be honest: I also got chips. Potato chips for everyone else and tortilla chips for me.

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