I Did It!

By Zerline Hughes

appluaseFor those waiting with bated breath to learn whether or not I did, in fact, go to the gym earlier this week: YES! I did.

But not before sitting in a grocery store lot for about an hour thinking what else I could do instead. Yes, an hour. And not before almost walking into a deli or coffee shop even though I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. For what it’s worth, I made use of the time wisely, writing on a client project.

It’s not easy.

But I did it. I also signed up for a gym membership – that $40 discounted one I mentioned since I’m a Zumba substitute there. So now I’ve got money coming out of my bank account monthly; that’ll keep me going right? It hasn’t before, but this go around, I’m going to do my best to make it happen. But I’ll need you to check in and ask about my progress. Deal?

So after signing up, I walked around a bit, pacing, wondering where to start. Like, for a good five minutes. I finally eased into some stretching. That woke me up and then I decided to go to a Facebook friend’s timeline where one of her posts suggested doing “5 moves, 3 sets, 10 reps.” (Thanks Janice!) Her next post recommended doing jumping jacks, burpees, squats, lunges and pushups. I did them all! Three sets. It wasn’t easy.

After that, I was ready to call it a day but ended it with about 10 minutes on a spin bike.

Tadaaa! One workout done. What’s next? Did you move your body today? Any moves to share? What do you deserve applause for?

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